Asst. Prof. Marc Immanuel G. Isip

(on study leave)

Assistant Professor 7

BS Industrial Engineering, University of the Philippines Los Baños 2007
MS Industrial Engineering, De La Salle University 2015
PhD Development Studies, University of the Philippines Los Banos (ongoing)

Teaching and Research Interests:

Service Systems Management
Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship Research
Value/ Supply Chain Analysis and Management
Export Development of Agro-Industrial Enterprises
Usability Engineering
Quality Control and Statistics
Development and Management Theories

Courses taught:

IE 21: Industrial Processes
IE 125: Industrial Quality Control
IE 144: Systems Simulation
IE 184: Project Development and Management
IE 185: Industrial Systems Design
IE 191: Special Topics (Supply Chain Management)
IE 191: Special Topics (Service Management)
IE 199: Undergraduate Seminar
IE 190/ 200/ 200a: Special Problems/ Thesis/ Practicum
NSTP 1: National Service Training Program

Scientific Journal Articles Published

Isip, M. I. G., & Ortega, R. J. B. (2018). A hierarchical model of service quality in the prepaid mobile telecommunications industry. Philippine e-Journal for Applied Research and Development, 8, 44-57.

Isip, M. I. G., & Li, R. C. (2017). A hierarchical model of service quality in higher education institutions. Industrial Engineering & Management Systems, 16(4), 632-646.

Isip, M. I. G. (2014). Effect of a standing body position during college students’ exam: implications on cognitive test performance. Industrial Engineering & Management Systems, 13(2), 185-192.


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