Established on November 26, 2001, the University of the Philippines Los Baños Industrial Engineering Students’ Organization (UPLB IESO) is the sole academic organization recognized by the Department of Industrial Engineering and the only organization in UPLB affiliated with the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Since its birth, the organization has been practicing its core values of Efficiency, Professionalism, and Excellence among its members. As an academic organization for Industrial Engineering Students, their goal has been, and will always be to promote and maintain academic excellence geared towards the development of leadership skills and to reach the full potential of its members. With the knowledge gained in the field of Industrial Engineering, UPLB IESO aims to promote camaraderie and propagate the interests and endeavors of Industrial Engineering to the community, the society, and to the country through its various activities for the members and whole Industrial Engineering student body.

Major Activities

STIES held at D.L. Umali Auditorium in UPLB

Southern Tagalog Industrial Engineering Seminar (STIES)

The Southern Tagalog Industrial Engineering Seminar, more commonly known as STIES, is a yearly event organized by UPLB IESO. Started in the year 2009, STIES has continuously adhered to the organization’s goals of propagating the interests and endeavors of Industrial Engineering to the community, society, and the country. STIES usually caters to all Industrial Engineering Students around the CALABARZON Area, but in recent times, STIES has started to go beyond CALABARZON and is extending its reach to the whole country through online methods.

The 12th STIES and its Exhibit was both done through online means in 2021 

Freshman Convocation

Held during the first day of the Academic Calendar, the IE Freshman Convocation is an annual event held by the Department of Industrial Engineering in cooperation with UPLB IESO in order to welcome the incoming freshmen to the Department and to UPLB. Through the Freshmen Convocation, the students are given a walkthrough on what being an Industrial Engineering Student is in UPLB and the opportunities and careers the students can go for once they graduate.

Student-Faculty Meeting

The Student-Faculty Meeting (SFM) is organized by UPLB IESO in cooperation with the Department so that the students and faculty can have an avenue wherein they can come together and discuss the academic and non-academic concerns of the students for the upcoming Academic Year.


Previously known as QUEST, it is now known as Special Problem, Thesis Research, and Innovationeering Ventures Exposure or STRIVE. This is a seminar held by UPLB IESO in cooperation with the Department for incoming Third and Fourth-Year Industrial Engineering Students who will be taking IE 198 and IE 200 Tracks during the midyear term. Through this event, the students and faculty are given the chance to discuss details and requirements that will be needed by the IE student body.


SkillUp is an MS Office Workshop series open to the public. The workshop allows participants to further their knowledge in MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint. The event aims to provide in-depth discussion of the features, user interface, and shortcuts of these applications. Initially a workshop only open to UPLB IESO members, it was opened to the public to widen the reach of the organization and to promote foundational computer literacy.