Dr. Haerold Dean Z. Layaoen

Assistant Professor 7

BS Industrial Engineering, University of the Philippines Los Baños 2004
MS Industrial Engineering, Major in Production Systems, University of the Philippines Diliman 2011
PhD Supply Chain Management and Logistics, RMIT University Melbourne (on-going)

Teaching and Research Interests:

Supply Chain and Logistics
Operations Management
Production Systems
Structural Equation Modelling
Multivariate Data Analysis
Business Research Methods
Cross Sectional Study

Courses Taught:

IE 151: Production Systems
IE 152: Production Planning and Design
IE 31: Industrial Organization and Management
IE 3: Introduction to Industrial Engineering
IE 21: Industrial Processes
IE 32/132: Methods Engineering
IE 141: Operations Research I
IE 150: Systems Evaluation
IE 155/185: Industrial Systems Design
IE 190/ 200/ 200a: Special Problems/ Thesis/ Practicum

Scientific Journal Articles Published

Binarao, J. K. P., Layaoen, H. D. Z., Revilla, J. A. D., Ani, A. C., & Caroche, M. L. P. (2017). Effectiveness of commercially available vibration dampeners in reducing hand-arm vibrations on diesel-powered and gasoline powered hand tractor. Philippine Agricultural Scientist, 100(2), 133-142.

Yap, M. A. B., Layaoen, H. D. Z., Revilla, J. A. D., Ani, A. C., & Blanco, F. M. M. (2016). Effectiveness of substitute vibration dampers in reducing hand-arm vibrations of a gasoline-fueled hand tractor. Philippine Agricultural Scientist, 99(2), 191-201.

Mojica, J. M. M., Yap, M. A. B., Layaoen, H. D. Z., Ani, A. C., & Revilla, J. A. D. (2016). Design and fabrication of an ergonomic handlebar structure of a hand tractor for vibration suppression. Philippine Agricultural Scientist, 99(1), 58-67.

Revilla, J. A. D., Yap, M. A. B., Layaoen, H. D. Z., John, M., & Ramos, S. (2015). Baseline measurement and analysis of hand-arm transmitted vibration of an ergonomically designed two-wheel tractor. Philippine Agricultural Scientist, 98(2), 166-173.

Layaoen, H. D. Z., Yap, M. A. B., Palomar, R. M., & Pesigan, C. M. (2015). Optimal handle grip and engine mount combination for minimized hand vibration from gasoline hand tractors. Philippine Agricultural Scientist, 98(2), 157-165.

Layaoen, H. D. Z. (2013). Evaluation and analysis of two village level models for sweet sorghum cane processing in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Philippine Journal of Crop Science, 38(3), 18-30.

Ramos, R. C., Ani, A. C., Landicho, S. C. D. R., Layaoen, H. D. Z., Ramirez, M. A., & Revilla, J. A. D. (2015). Proposed road bike brake lever measurements for Filipino college women in Mega Manila Area. China-USA Business Review, 628.