Asst. Prof. Clarissa M. Pesigan

Assistant Professor 7

BS Industrial Engineering, University of the Philippines Los Baños 2006
MS Industrial Engineering, Major in Production Systems, University of the Philippines Diliman 2017

Teaching and Research Interests:

Statistics and Quality Control
Supply Chain Management
Systems Thinking
Sustainability and Circular Economy
Process Streamlining and Improvement
Workplace Ergonomics

Courses Taught:

IE 135/125: Industrial Quality Control
IE 134: Ergonomics
IE 141: Operations Research I
IE 142: Operations Research II
IE 151: Production Systems
IE 153/184: Project Development and Management
IE 155/185: Industrial Systems Design
IE 191: Special Topics (Supply Chain Management)
IE 190/ 200/ 200a: Special Problems/ Thesis/ Practicum

Scientific Journal Articles Published

Pesigan, C. M., & Soriano, V. J. (2020). Sustainability potentials of informal gold recovery from discarded mobile phones: e-waste management insights for global business and trade. Journal of Global Business and Trade, 16(2), 31-48. (ISSN 2470-4733)

Layaoen, H. D. Z., Yap, M. A. B, Palomar, R. M., & Pesigan, C. M. (2015). Optimal handle grip and engine mount combination for minimized hand vibration from gasoline hand tractors. Philippine Agricultural Scientist, 98(2), 157-165.

Conference Proceedings Published

Aralar, M., Mariano, L. A., De Silva, D. M. R., Isip, M. I. G., & Pesigan, C. M. (2016). Design evaluation of classroom armchairs based on the anthropometric measurements of public elementary school students aged 10–12. Advances in Ergonomics in Design, 379-389. Springer, Cham.

Luansing, R., Pesigan, C. M., & Rustico, E. (2015). An e-trike ICE project-innovative, concrete and ergonomic: systems design to support sustainable e-trike commercialization. Procedia Manufacturing (3), 2333-2340.


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