E-Exchange Program of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) with Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)

May 12, 2021
Reported by: Seth Rebuelta
Edited by: Asst. Prof. Josefa Angelie D. Revilla

The Industrial Engineering Department at UPLB has started a virtual student exchange (SE) collaboration with ITS, one of the best science and technology university in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The titled “E-Exchange” program swiftly began this 2nd semester, Academic Year 2020-21; with it brought seven keen ITS students that applied for either of the two IE courses offered, which are IE 164: Information Systems I and IE 136: Industrial Safety and Health. On the other hand, the department had gathered six eager UPLB IE students that took one ITS course which is TI141322: Design of Business Information System.

The UPLB students who qualified for the SE program are Ms. Catherine Mae Bautista, Ms. Alyssa Gabrielle Camacho, Ms. Eliza Cuevas, Mr. Carl Vincent Demadara, Mr. Christian Rommel Gracias, and Mr. Seth Rebuelta. The students are currently in their junior/senior year.

Atop is class photo of the IE 164 section of Asst. Prof. MA Ramirez, attended by the Indonesian exchange students (Mr. Sampurna and Mr. Hidayatullah).

Above is the class photo of the IE 136 section of Asst. Prof. JAD Revilla, together with the exchange students from ITS (Ms. Pertiwi, Mr. Liunardi, Ms. Liavan, Mr. Rahardian, and Ms. Fattimahuz Haya).

The two photos above are the class of TI141322: Design of Business Information System section, together with the exchange students from UPLB (Ms. Camacho, Mr. Demadara, Mr. Gracias, Mr. Rebuelta, Ms. Bautista, and Ms. Cuevas).

“For me, the exchange program is excellent because we get to grasp what learning techniques are adopted by other international universities” expressed one of the UPLB exchange students when asked about their insights. Indeed, the program also serves as an avenue to exchange the academic customs present in both universities.
At the beginning of the program, both groups of students admitted that they experienced some difficulty learning their new university’s online set-up. Despite this concern, they were still able to fully manage and adapt to their courses’ academic workload. One of the ITS exchange students even noted the advance learning process inherent in UPLB.

The E-Exchange Program has been very beneficial to both the constituents of the partner universities. The virtual nature of this event has greatly bridged the gap that traditional student exchange programs regularly encountered. The impressive response it has received will certainly influence other exchange programs in the future.

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