Department of Industrial Engineering Conducts its Annual Strategic Planning 2023

The Department of Industrial Engineering held its Annual Strategic Planning last July 20-21, 2023, in Room IE 100. Strategic Planning has become an essential tradition for the Department of Industrial Engineering as it provides a unique opportunity for the department’s personnel to come together, reflect on their achievements, address challenges, and lay out a cohesive roadmap for the years to come.

Various presentations from the different department committees showcased significant milestones achieved, ongoing plans and projects, and other accomplishments. Through open and candid discussions, the department personnel engaged in strategic thinking exercises and foresight activities to envision where the department to be in the next five to ten years, as well as addressed issues that hindered progress, providing a platform to brainstorm potential solutions collaboratively.

The event was topped off with a socialization activity at Reano Eco Farm, Sto. Domingo, Bay, Laguna.

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