Bigger Family, Better Home

Every business has a goal to expand. Stretching and widening a business’ give its shareholders an increasing profit and its employees a much more comfortable work place making them more efficient and more effective. For these advantages of expanding, the Industrial Engineering Department continues to renovate and develop its facilities, especially the faculty room since the whole department is enlarging its man power to cope up with the increasing demand of potential industrial engineers of the Philippines.

With the supervision of the department’s chairman, Assistant Professor Dean Haerold Z. Layaoen, the construction started April 16, 2015. This project, entitled “Rehabilitation of Industrial Engineering Department,” is just one of the proposed projects of the chairman that has been approved by the chancellor and the Construction Planning and Development Office(CPDO). It aims to construct the faculty room extension at the open area adjacent to the lounge of the second floor of the building just above the entry porch of the IE Building, to construct an aisle(between Room 102 and the new classroom) and fire escape door at the end, and to improve Room 101 and 102. To further illustrate this, Operations Personnel Noel Aspreno M. Salcedo explained that the stairs for the second floor will be aligned with the hallway at the first floor and this hallway will have its duplicate at the second floor just above it. He also pointed out that the main entrance will be at the center of the building and the old entrance will be closed and will be converted into a room as seen on the floorplan below.

These changes will be appreciated more using this computer aided design (CAD) representation.

The second floor which is currently the faculty room will be extended to the direction of the lobby. This will create more space for the instructors to work and more comfortable place to accommodate consulting students. In effect, the lobby on the first floor will have a lower ceiling but will be more accommodating for the entrance position will be at the center of the building.

This construction project is administrative which means the administration provides the budget and the materials including the engineers. The budget for this project in total is almost three million which came from the university budget. The head architect and the team leader is Arch. William Jeffrey Y. Ranola.  The following are the engineers and their respective position: Mr. Arthur A. Matalog – Architectural Works Co-Inspector, Engr. Franklin L. Juanillas – Civil/Structural Works Inspector, Engr. Pamela Marie K. Gordovez – Electrical Works Inspector, and Engr. Paul Michael M. Buduan – Sanitary/Plumbing Works Inspector.

The building of the different additional and extension facilities is projected to be finished six months to one year and is expected to run smoothly as planned. However, there will be distractions on the ongoing classes when it started but Prof. Layaoen explained that this is just for a few days because the construction will be shifted at night to avoid disruptions on classes.

Even on business, continuous expansion and development are keys for the betterment and productivity of it but on its way, struggles are inevitable and therefore must be handled as careful as possible. This rehabilitation of the department will benefit not only the faculty but also the students as they take their journey ahead and be an industrial engineer in the future, equipped with knowledge, skills, and most importantly, the attitude towards work and to the people that surrounds them.

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