Management Systems Engineering Program (MSEP)

Management Systems Engineering (MSE) is the application of engineering principles to problems involving the design and operation of management systems throughout the enterprise.

Public, private, and government organizations are being forced to operate in an environment that is characterized by intense competition, constant change, and a strong customer focus. UPLB is not exempted from that trend. As the premiere state university, it must not only train the students in the basics of their field but ensure that these students will be in the forefront of improvement initiatives that would benefit the national economy in the future through research and development. As such, it is imperative that they be equipped with the most advanced tools that integrate technology and industrial engineering.

UPLB, in its efforts to become a world class university must focus both on its core functions (i.e. academic, research, and extension functions) and support functions specifically, in improving its systems and administrative processes. This is also true to other types of organizations as they pursue industry leadership and operational excellence.

In order to prosper, or even to survive, in this environment, organizations are undergoing a major shift in their thinking and practice – they are focusing on institution/enterprise-wide, customer-driven processes and support functions in order to enhance their competitive position in terms of cost, quality, and schedule. In order to meet these challenges, new approaches and new tools are needed to transform these organizations. Davenport has termed the integration of two of these tools – information technology and business process redesign – as the “new industrial engineering.” This is one example of the need to apply industrial engineering skills beyond manufacturing. Considering today’s business environment and the widespread process movement, there is a strong need in all sectors and at all levels of the economy to apply engineering principles throughout the enterprise.

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