Human Systems Engineering Program
An Introduction

Considering today’s business environment and the widespread process movement, there is a strong need in all sectors and at all levels of the economy to apply engineering principles and new technology throughout the enterprise.

Human Systems Engineering involves concepts which can be more easily understood and appreciated by students if they can have actual use of the equipment and be more familiar with them, observe demonstrations of human biomechanics and the body’s tendencies, and how these can be applied in the design of products and workplaces. It can also make UPLB BSIE graduates more competent and equipped. Additionally, since UPLB is a research base on its own, DIE HSEP can provide other researchers with inputs and data analysis they need related to human factors.

Moreover, Region IV houses an ever growing community of industrial estates where many manufacturing companies are based. This poses an opportunity for a facility like DIE’s HSEP to be able to provide the needs of companies in terms of product and facility designs that require the human element in their system.

Attractiveness of the facility to organizations shall increase with the availability of the necessary equipment and software for the creation of a virtual environment for the design of human systems which will enable lower costs needed on the design process itself for new product development.

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