(updated as of 1 August 2022)

Aguirre, Juan Manuel N.
Development of Facility Plan for the Second Production Line of Migo Skin., Las Piñas City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Adviser: A.C. Ani

De Villa, Neil Christian M.
Scrap Reduction in the Production of 135-G Soaps of Migo Skin Inc., Las Piñas City, Manila, Philippines through DMAIC Methodology”
Adviser: F.C.S. Velasco

Laureano, Charmaine D. (cum laude, GWA=1.6960)
Development of Document Tracking System (DTS) for the File Management Process of Aspen Business Solutions, Inc. Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Adviser: F.C.S. Velasco

Yzzan Mae Faner Souribio (cum laude, GWA= 1.6816)
Development of an Automated Capacity Report Generation System for Company XYZ, Pampanga, Philippines
Adviser: M.L.C. Eusebio